Other Services


Projects include:

  • Deconstruction of 165m x 35m spoils handling building for the new western motorway tunnel - Fletchers construction and well connected alliance.
  • Dismantling Johnson Hill Tunnel Arch Form Work for N.G.A. (170 tonnes of steel).
  • Watercare Services Waitakere freshwater dams, removing old timber walkway and platforms and replacing them with galvanised steel frames and gratings.

Stainless Steel

Projects include:

  • 50 metres of specialised handrailing on the Takapuna boatramp using grade 2205 stainless steel due to handrails being submerged at high tide.
  • Conveyor systems and stainless steel products for wineries.

Design and Prototyping

Repairs and Maintenance


Specialised Welding

If you want specialist engineering advice to design a solution to improve manufacturing performance for your company, welding assistance, structural beam building, handrailing or any other engineering / fabrication work, visit our contact us page to get in touch and discuss your engineering requirements.

Or phone 09 427 5405 or 027 446 7708 to discuss your requirements with owner and engineer Richard Campbell.


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