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Sable Engineering team 2020

The Sable Engineering Team - 2020

Sable engineering was established in August 2006 by director Richard Campbell. Richard has over 40 years experience in the fabrication industry, 14 of which were in undertaken in the mining equipment industry, including time spent in underground mining. Richards experience ensures he leads by example in undertaking jobs and leading his team of welders to complete jobs efficiently and to required specifications.

Sable engineering is an engineering company based in Silverdale, Auckland, specializing in all welding and fabrication type work. Sable engineering is fully equipped for onsite welding and gas cutting.

Sable engineering consists of an experienced team of welders, all 2980 certified, hardworking and dedicated.

Richard has adopted the "site safe, health and safety plan" ensuring his team is well equipped to meet government and industry requirements, in order to reduce injuries and costs.

With over 40 years of experience in the engineering industry, we can assist your company in designing, manufacturing and installing just about any metal-manufacturing requirement as well as meeting all your on-site welding and fabrication requirements.

Just have a look at our Capabilities and Projects pages to get an idea of what we can achieve for your business.

Phone 09 427 5405 or 027 446 7708 to discuss your requirements with owner and engineer Richard Campbell.


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